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Experimental Exploratory Data Analysis for a Classification Task
Expand the traditional EDA in a wider pipeline looking for the impact of each action into the behaviour of models. Exploratory Data & Models Analysis
exploratory-data-analysis classification machine-learning logistic-regression
Machine Learning Tutorials
Creating organized tutorials for some of the machine learning concepts.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks logistic-regression linear-regression
Beginner’s Guide to Logistic Regression with cuML
What is Logistic Regression? And how to implement it in Python with RAPIDS cuML
data-science machine-learning logistic-regression rapids
Core Machine Learning Implementations
This repo contains mathematical derivations and python implementations in numpy for key machine learning algorithms
linear-regression logistic-regression neural-networks k-nearest-neighbors
Customer Churn Prediction Case Study
Customer Churn Prediction done by using techniques of Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling .
logistic-regression customer-churn predictive-modelling machine-learning
Logistic Regression - Machine Learning Glossary
Brief visual explanations of logistic regression with diagrams, code examples and links to resources for learning more.
logistic-regression regression tutorial article
Examples for all the different utilities within scikit-learn.
scikit-learn naive-bayes linear-regression logistic-regression
Cancer Diagnosis using ML Techniques
In this project we will be discussing how to predict the effect of Genetic Variants to enable Personalized Medicine for various types of cancer using ML ...
machine-learning cancer support-vector-machines logistic-regression
Text Classification
Re-implemented an article (link is given below) which was on Text classification with CNN, beside this I tried out some ML classification algorithm.
text-classification natural-language-processing convolutional-neural-networks logistic-regression
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