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Positive and Unlabeled Materials Machine Learning
PUMML is a code that uses semi-supervised machine learning to classify materials from only positive and unlabeled examples.
machine-learning semi-supervised-learning materials informatics
Meta Pseudo Labels
We all know about meta-learning and pseudo labeling but what if we combine the two techniques for semi-supervised learning? Can it be any beneficial?
semi-supervised-learning meta-learning machine-learning deep-learning
What You Need to Know About Product Management for AI
A product manager for AI does everything a traditional PM does, and much more.
product-management machine-learning business tutorial
Neural Encryption Networks
I used a multiple autoencoders to effectively encode and encrypt text data. These provide encryption for user defined bits. As proof of concept 8 and 9 ...
deep-learning neural-cryptography machine-learning cyber-security
Made With ML Top Resources
A tagged and curated collection of trending tutorials, toolkits and research.
newsletter natural-language-processing computer-vision deep-learning
Programming Probabilistically
A book on data science and machine learning with a foundation in applied statistics leading into deep learning.
machine-learning neural-networks linear-regression linear-discriminant-analysis
What's new in semi-supervised learning? This paper, SimCLR, presents a new framework for contrastive learning of visual representations.
simclr semi-supervised-learning deep-learning machine-learning
ML Experiments using Walmart-recruiting-store-sales-forecasting
It's so cool that we can sit at home and get real-world datasets to solve close to real-world problems.
machine-learning structured-data data-analysis python-stack
Computational Linear Algebra for Coders
Free online textbook of Jupyter notebooks for Computational Linear Algebra course.
linear-algebra course top-down machine-learning
A machine learning testing framework for sklearn and pandas. The goal is to help folks assess whether things have changed over time.
unit-tests scikit-learn pandas machine-learning
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