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It is a mobile application for school students. This will help them to make their career choices more efficiently.
java machine-learning tutorial code
In this website we will share and review with you the best AI Learning resources we have come across so far. We will keep updating it on an almost daily ...
deep-learning machine-learning tutorial article
NLP News Category
The objective of this repository is to create a NLP bot for when you give the robot the headline of the news and a short description it will return the ...
natural-language-processing machine-learning tutorial code
Hypothesis : T-test
In this there is some introduction of Hypothesis and Testing. And also implemented the T-test also. (install from scipy import stats)
machine-learning tutorial code
Breast-Cancer Prediction and Classification
Implementing Different Classification Models for Breast Cancer Prediction and comparing their performance using scikit-learn.
classification scikit-learn machine-learning health
Implemented a Single Layer Perceptron and applied it on the MNIST dataset for multi-class classification using NumPy.
machine-learning image-classification computer-vision tutorial
Sum of 3 Palindromes using ML
Representing any number as the sum of three palindromes using ML.
puzzles palindromes machine-learning tutorial
AI for Web Accessibility
Applying AI technologies to make the web more accessible to people who are differently abled.
accessibility machine-learning tutorial article
Predicting mortgage approvals: EDA and Azure ML Studio
Introductory EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) on mortgage approvals. Our goal is to explore and analyze the data then we design a predictor on Azure ML ...
machine-learning azure classification visualization
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