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Face Recognition
Face Recognition using face_recognition library which used dlib models to identify faces and generate encoding for each face, then using ML model to ...
machine-learning dlib python code
Reverse Image Search
Have you ever wondered how google image search works or How amazon can retrieve products similar to the image that we upload in the app/site? To achieve ...
deep-learning image-categorization machine-learning computer-vision
Machine Learning for Facies Classification of North Sea Well Logs
The dataset is provided by GEOLINK in the Google Drive Public geoscience Data
machine-learning code
G-MARC : GUI for Model Agnostic IML on Rupture risk Classifier
Study and Visualization of Model Agnostic Interpretable ML Approaches on the classification of Rupture status of Intracranial Aneurysms
machine-learning interpretability explainability graphic-design
Movie Recommendation Engine
Content-Based Recommendations: Content-Based Recommendation algorithm takes into account the likes and dislikes of the user and generates a User Profile.
recommendation-systems machine-learning data-science tutorial
Five Cool Python Libraries for Data Science
Python is a best friend for the majority of the Data Scientists. Libraries make their life simpler. I have come across five cool Python libraries while ...
python data-science natural-language-processing machine-learning
Introduction to Linear Regression - Mathematics and Application
Introduction to linear regression covering the math, basic theory, and implementation with Python and sklearn.
machine-learning linear-regression regression article
Label Encoding in Python
A detailed guide to label encoding in Python with code examples.
labeling machine-learning scikit-learn python
Market Basket Analysis Using Association Rule Mining in Python
Detailed introduction to market basket analysis using association rule mining in Python. Complete tutorial with code examples using mlxtend library.
machine-learning data-mining market-research python
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