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Interpretability in ML: A Broad Overview
An overview of the sub-field of machine learning interpretability, with example models and graphics.
interpretability machine-learning code article
How to write an Awesome README
A comprehensive guide to writing README that stands out and makes people go WOW!
data-science program-development documentation machine-learning
The Thesis Review Podcast
Each episode of The Thesis Review is a conversation centered around a researcher's PhD thesis.
machine-learning podcast
What I Learned From Looking at 200 Machine Learning Tools
To better understand the landscape of available tools for machine learning production, I decided to look up every AI/ML tool I could find.
production machine-learning mlops survey
Machine learning notebooks in different subjects optimized to run in google collaboratory
machine-learning code
Colab-cli - sync jupyter notebooks with colab notebooks.
Experience better workflow with google colab, local jupyter notebooks and git.You can now easily manage working with jupyter notebooks and google colab ...
notebook git machine-learning deep-learning
Machine Learning Toolbox
A curated list of 100+ libraries for all parts of the Machine Learning workflow
machine-learning collection library article
Machine Learning Methods Explained (+ Examples)
Most common techniques used in data science projects; get to know them through easy-to-understand examples and put them into practice in your own ML ...
machine-learning deep-learning unsupervised-learning dimensionality-reduction
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