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A Python framework for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), hyperparameter tunning and program synthesis in general.
automl python machine-learning code
Extension to block NSFW content using AI
NSFW Filter is an extension that blocks NSFW content from your browser. It uses a computer vision model to detect NSFW content and hides it from the user.
machine-learning computer-vision tensorflow tensorflow-js
Teachable Machine (Image Classifier)
A teachable image classifier that runs on any browser built using TensorFlow JS.
tensorflow-js tensorflow web-design machine-learning
Pythonizr - Generates boilerplate code for scikit-learn
Pythonizr is a machine learning boilerplate code generator to help you start coding right away!
scikit-learn machine-learning tool code
A deep learning based web-app developed using the MERN stack and Tensorflow.js.
computer-vision deep-learning tensorflow tensorflow-js
Face Predicting Web App
Interactive Deep Learning Model that utilizes your computer webcam to predict your age and gender in seconds!
machine-learning deep-learning convolutional-neural-networks flask
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