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MedicalZoo PyTorch
A pytorch-based deep learning framework for multi-modal 2D/3D medical image segmentation
medical-image-segmentation volumetric-segmentation medical-image-proccessing deep-learning
CodeBERT - Masked Language Model for source code
Tutorial to use codeBERT a MLM for Python code. Model trained from scratch using roBERTa
machine-learning machine-learning-on-code ml-on-code bert
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
This project is based on Natural Language processing (NLP), in this we do sentiment analysis(i.e, how much it is positive or negative) of tweets of any ...
natural-language-processing machine-learning visualization sentiment-analysis
Diabetes Classifier
The machine learning model uses DecisionTree classifier to predict whether a person is diabetic or not
decision-trees machine-learning exploratory-data-analysis data-science
Ideal Restaurant Spot Finder
To find ideal spots in the city where food retail stores can be put up, aiming at the demographic, thereby helping the owners of the outlets to earn ...
data-science visualization machine-learning clustering
Churn Prediction with PyCaret
Customer Churn is when customers leave a service in a given period of time, which is bad for business.
exploratory-data-analysis machine-learning classification python
Breast cancer detection
By Using KNN algorithm the model achieved 98% accuracy on testing data.
k-nearest-neighbors machine-learning visualization exploratory-data-analysis
Data ANZ Virtual Internship
For the given data of 100 hypothetical customers of their transaction history of 3 months, draw some unique and interesting insights with the features. ...
exploratory-data-analysis machine-learning linear-regression decision-trees
Linear-Regression From Scratch
In this project i have implemented the basic linear regression model without using the sci-kit library.
machine-learning linear-regression regression tutorial
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