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A Python framework for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), hyperparameter tunning and program synthesis in general.
automl python machine-learning code
Curated papers & articles on DS & ML in production
Learn how organizations & business solved machine learning problems, including problem statement, research, methodology, and results.
data-science machine-learning production paper
Machine Learning-Enabled Design of Point Defects in 2D Materials
Using deep transfer learning, machine learning, and quantum mechanical calculations we predict key properties of point defects in 2D materials.
machine-learning transfer-learning deep-learning paper
Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Question Answering
Decompose hard (multi-hop) questions into several, easier (single-hop) questions using unsupervised learning, and get better accuracy on multi-hop QA.
question-answering natural-language-processing unsupervised-learning deep-learning
Meta Pseudo Labels
We all know about meta-learning and pseudo labeling but what if we combine the two techniques for semi-supervised learning? Can it be any beneficial?
semi-supervised-learning meta-learning machine-learning deep-learning
Positive and Unlabeled Materials Machine Learning
PUMML is a code that uses semi-supervised machine learning to classify materials from only positive and unlabeled examples.
machine-learning semi-supervised-learning materials informatics
Rethinking pre-training and self-training
This new paper from Google Brain investigates self-training and how it compares to pre-training and self-supervised learning for the the same set of tasks.
pretraining self-training self-supervised-learning machine-learning
Customer Churn Prediction Case Study
Customer Churn Prediction done by using techniques of Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling .
logistic-regression customer-churn predictive-modelling machine-learning
Ideal Restaurant Spot Finder
To find ideal spots in the city where food retail stores can be put up, aiming at the demographic, thereby helping the owners of the outlets to earn ...
data-science machine-learning clustering matplotlib
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