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Evaluation Metrics for Language Modeling
In this article, we will focus on traditional intrinsic metrics that are extremely useful during the process of training the language model itself.
language-modeling metrics bayesian-inference gaussian-processes
Evaluation Metrics For Information Retrieval
Learn about common metrics used to evaluate performance of information retrieval systems
information-retrieval natural-language-processing document-ranking metrics
PyTorch Metric Learning
The easiest way to use deep metric learning in your application. Modular, flexible, and extensible. Written in PyTorch.
metrics custom-metrics pytorch losses
Maximizing Business Impact with Machine Learning
How to effectively leverage machine learning to build intelligent products as efficiently as possible.
production product-management metrics model-validation
HuggingFace nlp library
Nlp is a lightweight and extensible library to easily share and load dataset and evaluation metrics, already providing access to ~100 datasets and ~10 ...
datasets metrics natural-language-processing huggingface
RIP correlation. Introducing the Predictive Power Score
We define and open-source the Predictive Power Score (PPS). The PPS is an alternative to the correlation that finds more patterns in your data.
correlation predictive-power-score pps metrics
Comprehensive analysis of important metrics in ML
In this work, the authors present a comprehensive analysis of important metrics in practical applications.
deep-learning metrics image-classification computer-vision
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