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Jukebox: A Generative Model for Music
We’re introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles.
music-generation transformers convolutional-neural-networks jukebox
Making music and art using machine learning.
music-generation art music magenta
Generative Modeling with Sparse Transformers
Sparse Transformer, a deep neural network which sets new records at predicting what comes next in a sequence—whether text, images, or sound.
transformers sparse-transformers image-generation music-generation
GANSynth: Making music with GANs
In this post, we introduce GANSynth, a method for generating high-fidelity audio with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).
music-generation music generative-adversarial-networks magenta
Neural Nets for Generating Music
A look at the use of deep learning on music generation.
music-generation deep-learning audio tutorial
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