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The objective of this repository is to create a NLP bot for when you give the robot the headline of the news and a short description it will return the ...
natural-language-processing machine-learning tutorial code
CyBERT: Applying BERT to Windows event logs
This blog shows how interpreting cybersecurity logs as a natural language, improving upon the standard regex-based parsing of log data.
cyber-security logs bert cybert
Albert-base for Sanskrit
Trained Albert-base from scratch on Sanskrit corpus of Wikipedia. I have also added a link to how to train your own Language model from scratch.
natural-language-processing bert huggingface albert
Explaining the new self-supervised task for language representation learning, ELECTRA which uses "replace token detection".
natural-language-processing bert language-modeling generative-adversarial-networks
Iyasai: Book Recommendation System
Recommender system for books and stories that could help you and your loved ones lift up your mood whenever you are facing stress or unpleasant situations.
recommendation-systems natural-language-processing flask tutorial
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