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Word Embeddings
This tutorial introduces word embeddings. It contains complete code to train word embeddings from scratch on a small dataset.
word-embeddings embeddings tensorflow natural-language-processing
BRAT: Rapid Annotation Tool
BRAT (brat rapid annotation tool) is based on the stav visualiser which was originally made in order to visualise BioNLP'11 Shared Task data.
annotation labeling named-entity-recognition health
Googletrans: Free and Unlimited Google translate API for Python. Translates totally free of charge.
translation machine-translation natural-language-processing code
Evaluating Image Segmentation Models
A look at evaluation techniques for semantic and instance segmentation.
semantic-composition instance-segmentation computer-vision evaluation
Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks for NLP
More recently we’ve also started to apply CNNs to problems in Natural Language Processing and gotten some interesting results.
convolutional-neural-networks natural-language-processing text-classification tutorial
Natural Language Processing News
Get the highlights from Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning research & industry straight to your inbox every month.
newsletter natural-language-processing tutorial
Back Translation for Text Augmentation with Google Sheets
Learn how to augment existing labeled text data for free using Google Sheets.
natural-language-processing data-augmentation tutorial article
Using Different Decoding Methods for LM with Transformers
A look at different decoding methods for generate subsequent tokens in language modeling.
language-modeling decoder transformers huggingface
Machine Learning Projects
This Repo contains projects done by me while learning the basics. All the familiar types of regression, classification, and clustering methods have been ...
machine-learning regression classification clustering
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