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Neural Networks for NLP (CMU CS 11-747)
This class will start with a brief overview of neural networks, then spend the majority of the class demonstrating how to apply neural networks to ...
natural-language-processing course carnegie-mellon neural-networks
A Tensorflow-based framework to ease the training of generative models
computer-vision generative-adversarial-networks tensorflow deep-learning
Neural-Backed Decision Trees
Combine interpretability of a decision tree with accuracy of a neural network.
decision-trees neural-networks deep-learning research
Meta Pseudo Labels
We all know about meta-learning and pseudo labeling but what if we combine the two techniques for semi-supervised learning? Can it be any beneficial?
semi-supervised-learning meta-learning machine-learning deep-learning
Gradient Centralization
Optimization technique that operates directly on gradients by centralizing their vectors to zero mean.
normalization optimization gradients neural-networks
C++ Implementation of PyTorch Tutorials for Everyone
This repository provides tutorial code in C++ to learn PyTorch by building CNNs, RNNs, etc. Tutorials are divided into three sections based on complexity.
pytorch c++ torch torchscript
A tiny scalar-valued autograd engine and a neural net library on top of it with PyTorch-like API
autograd neural-networks toolkit
Initializing Neural Networks
In this post, we'll explain how to initialize neural network parameters effectively.
interactive visualization weights initialization
Deep Playground
Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser.
interactive visualization playground tensorflow
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