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Reinforcement Learning Tutorial
Important reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms, including policy iteration, Q-Learning, and Neural Fitted Q.
reinforcement-learning tutorial notebook code
Avocado sales
Exploratory analysis to answer the question: has the trend ‘avocado toast’ worshiped by millenials caused an increase on avocado sales?
exploratory-data-analysis article dataset code
Churn Prediction with PyCaret
Customer Churn is when customers leave a service in a given period of time, which is bad for business.
exploratory-data-analysis machine-learning classification python
Using TensorRT for accelerated deep learning inference
Accelerating inference of TensorFlow models using TensorRT.
tensorflow tensorrt code notebook
Julia for Pythonistas
Julia looks and feels a lot like Python, only much faster. It's dynamic, expressive, extensible, with batteries included, in particular for Data Science.
julia python tutorial notebook
Semantic Segmentation + Background Removal + Style Transfer
Running multiple TF Lite models to perform semantic segmentation, remove background, and apply style transfer.
computer-vision tf-lite code notebook
Beginner's Guide to Altair Visualization
Getting started with Visualization using Altair on Kaggle with this simple tutorial.
visualization exploratory-data-analysis notebook code
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