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Chitra - an image utility library for Deep Learning
Chitra is an image utility library for Deep Learning tasks. It reduces image data loading and visualization boilerplates for classification and ...
bounding-box image-classification visualization object-detection
OpenMMLab Computer Vision
MMCV is a python library for CV research and supports many research projects such as object detection, segmentation, pose estimation, action ...
computer-vision object-detection 3d 3d-object-detection
Optimizing MobileDet for Mobile Deployments
Learn about the criticalities of effectively optimizing MobileDet object detectors for mobile deployments.
tensorflow-lite object-detection computer-vision edge-ai
EfficientDet meets Pytorch Lightning
Beginner friendly guide to object detection using EfficientDet.
object-detection efficientdet pytroch-lightning pytroch
Different deep learning architectures definitions that can be applied to image segmentation.
semantic-segmentation instance-segmentation salient-object-detection segmentation
🐰 Python lib for remo - the app for annotations and images management in Computer Vision.
annotation object-detection image-classification remo
Labelai is an online tool designed to label images, useful for training AI models.
annotation object-detection image-classification computer-vision
Lightweight Python library for adding real-time 2D object tracking to any detector.
object-tracking norfair computer-vision code
End-to-end Object Detection in TensorFlow Lite
This project shows how to train a custom detection model with the TFOD API, optimize it with TFLite, and perform inference with the optimized model.
object-detection tensorflow tensorflow-lite computer-vision
Deep dive into ROI layer in Object Detection Models
In this blog post we will implement in torch ROI Pool and ROI Align models from scratch.
object-detection computer-vision tutorial article
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