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Summarization, translation, Q&A, text generation and more at blazing speed using a T5 version implemented in ONNX.
onnx pytorch model-serving transformers
Accelerate your NLP pipelines using Hugging Face and ONNX
How the ONNX Runtime team and Hugging Face are working together to address challenges in training and deployment of Transformer models.
natural-language-processing huggingface onnx tutorial
Open standard for machine learning interoperability.
interoperability machine-learning onnx code
Efficient Serverless Deployment of PyTorch Models on Azure
A tutorial for serving models cost-effectively at scale using Azure Functions and ONNX Runtime.
model-serving production pytorch azure
Advbox Family
Advbox Family is a series of AI model security tools set of Baidu Open Source,including the generation, detection and protection of adversarial examples.
adversarial-learning paddlepaddle onnx pytorch
Digit Recognizer
Simple MNIST based digit recognizer. Deployed over Heroku using Flask.
deep-learning flask mnist onnx
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