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PicTranslate: Seamless live Image Text translator
Given an image with text on it, this app can give you a new image with text modified into a different language.
optical-character-recognition convolutional-neural-networks aws translation
How to Extract Structured Data from Documents - Complete Tutorial
In this project we learn how to build AI methods for information extraction from documents to comprehensively beat traditional OCR
optical-character-recognition information-extraction computer-vision natural-language-processing
A 2020 review of Handwritten Character Recognition
Concept of handwritten text recognition, relevant use-cases, different neural network architectures involved in achieving the results, training your own ...
optical-character-recognition computer-vision natural-language-processing article
Deep neural network to extract intelligent information from PDF invoice documents.
optical-character-recognition text-extraction computer-vision library
Easy OCR
Ready-to-use OCR with 40+ languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.
optical-character-recognition resnet lstm computer-vision
Building a Captcha OCR in TF2.0
A Kaggle notebook showcasing the use of an Endpoint layer for CTC loss function used for building a Captcha Reader in TensorFlow.
optical-character-recognition captcha tensorflow keras
Sudoku Solver
Solving Sudoku by extracting the puzzle from photo using Computer Vision and OCR and solving it.
computer-vision machine-learning optical-character-recognition code
Build a parser to extract the table in PDF document with RetinaNet
table-extraction retinanet pdftableextract document-processing
Vedastr is an open source scene text recognition toolbox based on PyTorch.
optical-character-recognition scene-text-recognition transformers computer-vision
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