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Distribution Based Compositionality Assessment (DBCA)
A method of systematically generating datasets with train and test splits diverging in a controllable and measurable way.
semantic-composition knowledge-base question-answering semantic-parsing
A Practical Guide to Graph Neural Networks
How do graph neural networks work, and where can they be applied?
graph-neural-networks survey arxiv:2010.05234 paper
Interpretable Machine Learning
A Brief History, State-of-the-Art and Challenges
interpretability survey arxiv:2010.09337 research
FermiNet: Quantum Physics and Chemistry from First Principles.
An implementation of the Fermionic Neural Network for ab-initio electronic structure calculations
quantum-physics chemistry ferminet protein-folding
In Domain GAN Inversion
This report explores a SOTA GAN Inversion technique proposed by the authors of In-Domain GAN Inversion.
generative-adversarial-networks gan-inversion image-manipulation image-interpolation
A Text to Text Approach for COVID-19 Event Extraction
Help answer covid-related questions that people are likely to post on social media via fine-tuning sequence-to-sequence transformers.
text-classification-as-question-answering covid-on-social-media t5 arxiv:2009.10047
Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction
Recommend best practices for how AI systems should behave upon initial interaction, during regular interaction, when they’re inevitably wrong, and over ...
human-computer-interaction human-ai-interaction design product
Article on how to get started with implementing research paper
If you haven't tried reading and implementing research papers, then this will help you get started.
machine-learning deep-learning paper generative-adversarial-networks
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