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AI Basketball Analysis
🏀 AI web app and API to analyze basketball shots and shooting pose.
pose-estimation sports basketball api
FAIR's next-generation platform for object detection and segmentation.
object-detection detectron detectron2 pytorch
OpenMMLab Computer Vision
MMCV is a python library for CV research and supports many research projects such as object detection, segmentation, pose estimation, action ...
computer-vision object-detection 3d 3d-object-detection
DPOD: Pose Estimator
PyTorch recreation of a SOTA 6D Pose estimation research paper.
computer-vision pose-estimation code research
Epipolar Transformers
Differentiable "epipolar transformer", which enables the 2D detector to leverage 3D-aware features to improve 2D pose estimation.
pose-estimation 3d epipoplar transformers
A 2019 guide to Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning
The basics of Human Pose Estimation (2D) and review the literature on this topic.
pose-estimation survey computer-vision tutorial
Pose Animator
Takes a 2D vector illustration and animates its containing curves in real-time based on the recognition result from PoseNet and FaceMesh.
pose-estimation tensorflow-js posenet facemesh
V2V-PoseNet Pytorch
PyTorch implementation of V2V-PoseNet with IntegralPose/PoseFix loss.
pose-estimation hand-pose-estimation human-pose-estimation pytorch
Gymnast Pose Analysis
Pose modelling for gymnasts using open-pose and open-cv.
pose-estimation pose-tracking computer-vision open-cv
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