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Omega|ml - building and deploying ML models the easy way
Deploying ML is hard. It should not be. omega|ml makes it a breeze.
mlops production code article
Feature Stores for ML
List of production ML groups and their open-source feature store architectures.
feature-store production industry tutorial
DeepR — Training TensorFlow Models for Production
DeepR is a Python library to build complex pipelines as easily as possible on top of Tensorflow.
production tensorflow pipelines mlflow
BentoML is an open-source framework for high-performance ML model serving.
serving ci-cd bentoml production
Continuous Machine Learning (CML)
CML helps to organize MLOps infrastructure on top of the traditional software engineering stack instead of creating separate AI platforms.
ci-cd github-actions mlops production
TensorFlow Serving
A flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models, designed for production environments.
serving production tensorflow tensorflow-serving
Artifacts - Weights & Biases
Effortless pipeline tracking and production model management
data-versioning article wandb notebook
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