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Training an Image Classifier in PyTorch
Torchvision, that has data loaders for common datasets such as Imagenet, CIFAR10, MNIST, etc. and data transformers for images, vizualization and data ...
image-classification pytorch torchvision computer-vision
Text Classification With Torchtext
This example shows how to train a supervised learning algorithm for classification using one of these TextClassification datasets.
text-classification pytorch torchtext ngrams
EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
Implementation EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection in PyTorch.
efficientdet computer-vision object-detection pytorch
PCDet: 3D Point Cloud Detection
PCDet Toolbox in PyTorch for 3D Object Detection from Point Cloud
computer-vision point-cloud-generation pytorch object-detection
Graph Wavelet Neural Network
A PyTorch implementation of "Graph Wavelet Neural Network" (ICLR 2019)
deep-learning graph-classification graph-convolutional-networks node-classification
Scalable Incomplete Network Embedding
A PyTorch implementation of "Scalable Incomplete Network Embedding" (ICDM 2018).
network-embedding feature-engineering representation-learning node-classification
Easy street parking using region proposal networks
Get a text on your phone whenever a nearby parking spot you need is free.
computer-vision machine-learning pytorch python
DogandCatBreed Classifier
Model can to learn to differentiate between these 37 distinct categories
pytorch fastai article code
Recurrent Independent Mechanisms
An implementation of Recurrent Independent Mechanisms (Goyal et al. 2019) in PyTorch.
recurrent-independent-mechanisms pytorch research tutorial
An Essentials Guide to PyTorch Dataset and DataLoader Usage
A brief guide for basic usage of PyTorch's Dataset and DataLoader classes.
pytorch dataset tutorial article
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