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Predict Vehicle Speed From Dash Cam Video
A series of experiments attempting to predict vehicle speed from dash cam videos using optical flow and neural networks.
computer-vis pytorch autonomous-vehicles computer-vision
Flexible and powerful tensor operations for readable and reliable code. Supports numpy, pytorch, tensorflow, and others.
einops numpy pytorch tensorflow
Dropout in PyTorch – An Example
An example of adding Dropout to a PyTorch model, and observe the effect dropout has on the model's performance by tracking our models in Weights & Biases.
dropout pytorch image-classification computer-vision
Summarization, translation, Q&A, text generation and more at blazing speed using a T5 version implemented in ONNX.
onnx pytorch model-serving transformers
Object tracking in 75 lines of code
Object tracking is straightforward conceptually. And if you have a good detector, simple methods can be pretty effective.
object-tracking pytorch computer-vision article
Efficient Serverless Deployment of PyTorch Models on Azure
A tutorial for serving models cost-effectively at scale using Azure Functions and ONNX Runtime.
model-serving production pytorch azure
Training CNN with Mixed Precision in PyTorch 1.6
Simple Example on MNIST dataset illustrating Mixed Precision Training.
deep-learning pytorch code tutorial
What's New in PyTorch 1.6
A brief overview of new and interesting features in PyTorch 1.6 It contains byte-sized and working examples to show these features.
pytorch code tutorial library
Self-Supervised Learning - PyTorch Lightning
This bolts module houses a collection of all self-supervised learning models.
self-supervised-learning pytorch pytorch-lightning code
Understanding & Implementing SimCLR - an ELI5 guide
I explain the SimCLR and its contrastive loss function step by step, build image embeddings and then show how to use them to train image classifier on top.
deep-learning computer-vision pytorch self-supervised-learning
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