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MedicalZoo PyTorch
A pytorch-based deep learning framework for multi-modal 2D/3D medical image segmentation
medical-image-segmentation volumetric-segmentation medical-image-proccessing deep-learning
Understanding & Implementing SimCLR - an ELI5 guide
I explain the SimCLR and its contrastive loss function step by step, build image embeddings and then show how to use them to train image classifier on top.
deep-learning computer-vision pytorch self-supervised-learning
Illustrated: Self-Attention
Step-by-step guide to self-attention with illustrations and code.
self-attention attention pytorch transformers
FAIR's library of reusable components for deep learning with 3D data.
3d heterogeneous-batching batching differentiable-rendering
Self-Supervision with FastAI
A tutorial of rotation-based self-supervision using FastAI2 & PyTorch!
self-supervised-learning fastai pytorch tutorial
Torch-Struct: Structured Prediction Library
A library of tested, GPU implementations of core structured prediction algorithms for deep learning applications.
conditional-random-fields pytorch hidden-markov-models torch-struct
Brain parcellation with TorchIO and HighRes3DNet
A full brain parcellation of a 3D T1-weighted MRI using TorchIO and a pre-trained PyTorch deep learning model.
torchio highres3dnet brain-parcellation health
Time Series Prediction with LSTM Using PyTorch
Time series applied to forecasting on the Airplane Passengers Dataset.
time-series forecasting lstm pytorch
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