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Experimental Exploratory Data Analysis for a Classification Task
Expand the traditional EDA in a wider pipeline looking for the impact of each action into the behaviour of models. Exploratory Data & Models Analysis
exploratory-data-analysis classification machine-learning logistic-regression
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data.
decision-trees random-forests r2d3 decision-tree
Flight Fare Prediction
Predicting Flight Fare based on departure and arrival cities, number of stops, duration of the flight.
machine-learning exploratory-data-analysis random-forests matplotlib
TPOT: Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool
TPOT is a Python Automated Machine Learning tool that optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.
automl tpot genetic-programming hyperparameter-optimization
Core Machine Learning Implementations
This repo contains mathematical derivations and python implementations in numpy for key machine learning algorithms
linear-regression logistic-regression neural-networks k-nearest-neighbors
Kick Assist
An Interactive Dashboard enabling users to make data-driven decisions about their Kickstarter campaign to maximize the probability for successful funding
data-science interpretability scraping xgboost
Examples for all the different utilities within scikit-learn.
scikit-learn naive-bayes linear-regression logistic-regression
Car Selling Prize Prediction
It is an End to End Machine Learning Project which is deployed on Heroku.
python machine-learning random-forests decision-tree
Student Dropout Prediction
It is a machine learning based web app to predict whether a student get dropout from college based on his academic and financial details.
machine-learning random-forests decision-tree code
Bike rental count prediction'
Bike-rental-count-prediction The objective of this Case is to Prediction of bike rental count on daily basis on the environmental and seasonal settings.
machine-learning random-forests decision-trees decision-tree
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