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NeuralCook — Image2Ingredients and Cooking Recommendation
Deep learning application to identify ingredients from cooking dishes images and recommend dishes to cook, given a set of ingredients.
cooking text-generation recommendation-systems joint-embeddings
TensorFlow Recommenders
An open-source TensorFlow package that makes building, evaluating, and serving sophisticated recommender models easy.
recommendation-systems tensorflow article code
Surprise is a Python scikit building and analyzing recommender systems that deal with explicit rating data.
recommendation-systems library code
Get Subreddit Suggestions for a Post
Trained on 4M Reddit posts from 4k Subreddits. End-to-end ML pipeline built with fasttext and FastAPI, deployed to Valohai.
natural-language-processing recommendation-systems reddit valohai
Recommendation Systems Datasets
This tool allows you download, unpack and read recommender systems datasets into pandas.DataFrame as easy as data = Dataset().
datasets recommendation-systems recommender-systems research-tool
RecSys 2020 - Takeaways and Notable Papers
Some observations and notes on papers I enjoyed from this year's RecSys 2020.
recommendation-systems recsys recsys-2020 article
Our app helps parents and kids to better choose and plan education programs outside of public-school systems using ML and DL to make personalized ...
education recommendation-systems keras latent-dirichlet-allocation
Movie Recommendation System
This is a web app which recommends movies based on their plots found on IMDb.
python recommendation-systems natural-language-processing flask
A Python implementation of LightFM, a hybrid recommendation algorithm.
recommendation-systems matrix-factorization code library
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