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A Visual Guide to Recurrent Layers in Keras
Understand how to use Recurrent Layers like RNN, GRU and LSTM in Keras with diagrams.
recurrent-neural-networks lstm keras tensorflow
Introduction to Neural Network Models of Cognition - Online Book
On-line interactive book introducing the history, theory, and math of Neural Network Models with Python, from a Cog Science perspective.
neural-networks convolutional-neural-networks recurrent-neural-networks deep-learning
From GRU to Transformer
How recurrent units and self-attention are related to each other.
self-attention recurrent-neural-networks gated-recurrent-units transformers
Neural ODE Explained
Explains "Neural Ordinary Differential Equations", a very interesting idea came out in NIPS 2018.
recurrent-neural-networks differential-equation neural-ode ordinary-differential-equations
C++ Implementation of PyTorch Tutorials for Everyone
This repository provides tutorial code in C++ to learn PyTorch by building CNNs, RNNs, etc. Tutorials are divided into three sections based on complexity.
pytorch c++ torch torchscript
Attention? Attention!
In this post, we are gonna look into how attention was invented, and various attention mechanisms and models, such as transformer and SNAIL.
attention self-attention pointer-network recurrent-neural-networks
Named Entity Recognition Tagging
In this post, we go through an example from Natural Language Processing, in which we learn how to load text data and perform NER tagging for each token.
named-entity-recognition cs230 stanford recurrent-neural-networks
Understanding LSTM Networks
A closer look at the inner workings of LSTM networks.
recurrent-neural-networks lstm tutorial article
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