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Exploration Strategies in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Exploitation versus exploration is a critical topic in reinforcement learning. This post introduces several common approaches for better exploration in ...
exploration-strategies reinforcement-learning tutorial article
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Supply Chain & Price Optimization
Explore how deep reinforcement learning methods can be applied in several basic supply chain and price management scenarios.
supply-chain price-optimization pytorch reinforcement-learning
ESTorch is an Evolution Strategy Library build around PyTorch.
evolutionary-algorithms evolution-strategies reinforcement-learning pytorch
Reinforcement Learning Tic Tac Toe with Value Function
A reinforcement learning algorithm for agents to learn the tic-tac-toe, using the value function
machine-learning reinforcement-learning javascript tutorial
Ray is a fast and simple framework for building and running distributed applications.
hyperparameter-optimization reinforcement-learning scalable-reinforcement-learning hyperparameter-tuning
Explore then Execute
Adapting without Rewards via Factorized Meta-Reinforcement Learning
reinforcement-learning meta-learning meta-reinforcement-learning research
Neural Architecture Search
A look at neural architecture search w.r.t search space, search algorithms and evolution strategies.
neural-architecture-search reinforcement-learning evolution automl
Python Deep Learning Projects
This is the code repository for Python Deep Learning Projects book, published by Packt.
deep-learning python natural-language-processing computer-vision
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