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Learning Dexterity End-to-End
We trained a human-like robot hand to manipulate physical objects with unprecedented dexterity.
robotics wandb dexterity reinforcement-learning
Softbot design with WANNS
Soft robots are robots built from highly compliant materials, similar to those found in living organisms. This project explored CPPNs and WANNs to design ...
python reinforcement-learning numpy neuroevolution
Reinforcement Learning in JAX
Implementation of interesting Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms using JAX based libraries (flax, haiku and rlax) As of now tasks come from OpenAI gym
reinforcement-learning jax tutorial code
Guided Uncertainty-Aware Policy Optimization
Combining learning and model-based strategies for sample-efficient policy learning.
reinforcement-learning policy-optimization uncertainty robotics
Policy Gradient Algorithms
In this post, we are going to look deep into policy gradient, why it works, and many new policy gradient algorithms proposed in recent years.
policy-gradient-methods reinforcement-learning tutorial article
Evolution Strategies
Evolutionary algorithms refer to a division of population-based optimization algorithms inspired by natural selection.
evolution reinforcement-learning evolution-strategies tutorial
Curriculum for Reinforcement Learning
Curriculum learning applied to reinforcement learning, with a few exceptions of supervised learning.
reinforcement-learning generative-models meta-learning tutorial
Distributional RL using TensorFlow2
🐳 Implementation of various Distributional Reinforcement Learning Algorithms using TensorFlow2.
reinforcement-learning tensorflow machine-learning tutorial
The AI Economist
Improving Equality and Productivity with AI-Driven Tax Policies
economics equality tax reinforcement-learning
Upside Down Reinforcement Learning
Implementation of UDRL as outlined by Juergen Schmidhuber in
reinforcement-learning tutorial code
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