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A Bayesian Perspective on Q-Learning
Can we use Q-value distributions to efficiently explore the state-action space?
bayes-rule q-learning interactive bayesian-deep-learning
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
In this video I give a brief introduction to Reinforcement Learning.
reinforcement-learning code notebook video
Reinforcement learning is supervised learning on optimized data
In this blog post we discuss a mental model for RL, based on the idea that RL can be viewed as doing supervised learning on the “good data”.
reinforcement-learning supervised-learning optimization dynamic-programming
MountainCar -v0 game
This project is based on Reinforcement Learning.It involves an Agent which learns how to play MountainCar-v0 game(from Gym environment) using ...
deep-q-networks deep-learning reinforcement-learning code
Machine Learning Methods Explained (+ Examples)
Most common techniques used in data science projects; get to know them through easy-to-understand examples and put them into practice in your own ML ...
machine-learning deep-learning unsupervised-learning dimensionality-reduction
A spaced repetition app for keeping your reinforcement learning
We aim to keep your reinforcement learning knowledge fresh by periodically reminding you of concepts making you a master of RL knowledge!!
reinforcement-learning article
Top 10 Deep Learning Breakthroughs — Deep Reinforcement Learning
The article unravels the journey behind reaching the point when Reinforcement Learning combined with Deep Learning defeated a Go player world champion.
deep-learning reinforcement-learning machine-learning article
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