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GenRL is a PyTorch-First Reinforcement Learning library centered around reproducible and generalizable algorithm implementations.
reinforcement-learning pytorch deep-q-networks multi-agent-reinforcement-learning
Python Implementation of Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction
Plot replications, exercise solutions and Anki flashcards for the entire book by chapters.
reinforcement-learning code book tutorial
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
In this video I give a brief introduction to Reinforcement Learning.
reinforcement-learning code notebook video
A Bayesian Perspective on Q-Learning
Can we use Q-value distributions to efficiently explore the state-action space?
bayes-rule q-learning interactive bayesian-deep-learning
Spinning Up in Deep RL (OpenAI)
An educational resource to help anyone learn deep reinforcement learning.
reinforcement-learning tensorflow pytorch openai
Reinforcement Learning Tutorial
Important reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms, including policy iteration, Q-Learning, and Neural Fitted Q.
reinforcement-learning tutorial notebook code
Exploration Strategies in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Exploitation versus exploration is a critical topic in reinforcement learning. This post introduces several common approaches for better exploration in ...
exploration-strategies reinforcement-learning tutorial article
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Supply Chain & Price Optimization
Explore how deep reinforcement learning methods can be applied in several basic supply chain and price management scenarios.
supply-chain price-optimization pytorch reinforcement-learning
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