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Hands On Machine Learning
A series of Jupyter notebooks that walk you through the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Python using Scikit-Learn, Keras and ...
scikit-learn tensorflow keras tutorial
GitHub Actions for Machine Learning
This presentation discusses the use of GitHub Actions to automate certain steps of a toy ML project.
github mlops scikit-learn wandb
Scikit-learn Tutorial
This repository contains notebooks and other files associated with my Scikit-learn tutorial.
scikit-learn code tutorial
Scikit-learn Advanced Features | Data Science
It demonstrates some useful scikit-learn concepts in transforming features, pipelining, grid search, and much more.
machine-learning scikit-learn data-science feature-engineering
The Simplest Way to Serve your NLP Model in Production w/ Python
From scikit-learn to Hugging Face Pipelines, learn the simplest way to deploy ML models using Ray Serve.
production ray huggingface scikit-learn
From Hours to Seconds: 100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, & Stacking
100x Faster Boosting, Bagging, and Stacking with RAPIDS cuML and Scikit-learn Machine Learning Model Ensembling.
rapids cuml scikit-learn emsembling
10 Clustering Algorithms With Python
Clustering or cluster analysis is an unsupervised learning problem.
clustering unsupervised-learning scikit-learn affinity-propagation
Introduction to K-Means Clustering in Python With Scikit-Learn
A look at the old faithful K-Means clustering algorithm which has impacted a very huge number of applications in a wide variety of domains.
k-means-clustering clustering unsupervised-learning scikit-learn
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