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101 Ways to Solve Search - Dair AI ft. Pratik Bhavsar
A comprehensive overview of explaining how NLP is used for search.
search hybrid-search semantic-search query-augmentation
Numpy Tricks and A Strong Baseline for Vector Index
Tricks used to improve the index and query speed by 1.6x and 2.8x while keeping the memory footprint constant.
search vector-index numpy memmap
Similarity Search for Efficient Active Learning
We exploit this skew in large training datasets to reduce the number of unlabeled examples considered in each selection round with nearest nearest ...
similarity-search active-learning search semi-supervised-learning
Making BERT stretchy. Semantic Elasticsearch with Sentence Transformers.
transformers search elastic-search huggingface
Syntactic Search by Example
We present a system that allows a user to search a large linguistically annotated corpus using syntactic patterns over dependency graphs.
search syntactic-patterns spike allenai
Discovering Millions of Datasets on the Web
Dataset Search has indexed almost 25 million of these datasets, giving you a single place to search for datasets and find links to where the data is.
datasets dataset-search search machine-learning
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