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Image Segmentation Using Keras and W&B
This report explores semantic segmentation with a UNET like architecture in Keras and interactively visualizes the model's prediction in Weights & Biases.
semantic-segmentation kera wandb visualization
Different deep learning architectures definitions that can be applied to image segmentation.
semantic-segmentation instance-segmentation salient-object-detection segmentation
Vedaseg is an open source semantic segmentation toolbox based on PyTorch.
pytorch semantic-segmentation code computer-vision
A 2020 guide to Semantic Segmentation
Concept of image segmentation, discuss the relevant use-cases, different neural network architectures involved in achieving the results, metrics and ...
semantic-segmentation computer-vision segmentation article
Laplacian Pyramid Reconstruction and Refinement for Semantic Seg.
Pytorch implementation of multi-resolution reconstruction architecture based on a Laplacian pyramid that uses skip connections.
semantic-segmentation pytorch deep-learning computer-vision
Model Serving using FastAPI and Streamlit
Simple example of usage of streamlit and FastAPI for ML model serving.
fastapi streamlit deeplabv3 semantic-segmentation
FAIR's next-generation platform for object detection and segmentation.
object-detection detectron detectron2 pytorch
Single-Stage Semantic Segmentation from Image Labels
We attain competitive results by training a single network model for segmentation in a self-supervised fashion using only image-level annotations
semantic-segmentation single-stage conditional-random-fields pascal-voc
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