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AllenNLP Interpret
A Framework for Explaining Predictions of NLP Models
interpretability explainability natural-language-processing api
Custom Classifier on Top of Bert-like Language Model
Take pre-trained language model and build custom classifier on top of it.
bert language-modeling pytorch pytorch-lightning
Introduction to NLP using Fastai
Implementing and decoding the revolutionary ULMFiT approach to train a language model on any downstream NLP task.
natural-language-processing fastai ulmfit sentiment-analysis
AI Debate Master
Created and deployed a bot made to debate with a human on any given topic. Employed a Doc2Vec model using Gensim library in Python
conversational-ai natural-language-processing sentiment-analysis doc2vec
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
This project is based on Natural Language processing (NLP), in this we do sentiment analysis(i.e, how much it is positive or negative) of tweets of any ...
natural-language-processing machine-learning visualization sentiment-analysis
Practical Text Classification With Python and Keras
You will get a grasp of current advancements of (deep) neural networks and how they can be applied to text.
text-classification keras sentiment-analysis natural-language-processing
T5 for Sentiment Span Extraction
Exploring how T5 works and applying it for sentiment span extraction.
sentiment-analysis t5 transformers natural-language-processing
A Visual Guide to Using BERT for the First Time
Tutorial for how to use a variant of BERT to classify sentences.
bert attention transformers sentiment-analysis
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