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Model Serving using FastAPI and Streamlit
Simple example of usage of streamlit and FastAPI for ML model serving.
fastapi streamlit image-segmentation deeplabv3
A Python framework for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), hyperparameter tunning and program synthesis in general.
automl python machine-learning code
TeachEasy: Web app for Text Summarization & Q/A generation
An intuitive Streamlit based web app for Text Summarization and Question Answer generation so as to reduce the work for School teachers.
text-summarization question-generation question-answering paraphrase-identification
Matplotlib Style Configurator
Ever wondered what all those matplotlib rc parameters do? Here's a interactive plot style customizer, made with Streamlit.
matplotlib streamlit code demo
WExDA - Web-based Data Exploration Tool
WExDA is a web-based data exploration tool made with streamlit. It can be used for Exploratory Data Analysis.
visualization data-science exploratory-data-analysis streamlit
Spacy-streamlit: spaCy building blocks for Streamlit apps
Utilities for visualizing spaCy models and building interactive spaCy-powered apps with Streamlit.
spacy streamlit library code
Plant Disease Detection
This website help you to detect disease in your plant🌳 based to the plant's leaf🍃 image
machine-learning computer-vision streamlit environment
NLP Viewer 🤗
A simple website for browsing popular NLP datasets.
natural-language-processing huggingface datasets streamlit
Face Mask Detector
A simple Streamlit frontend for face mask detection in images using a pre-trained Keras CNN model + OpenCV and model interpretability.
object-detection streamlit opencv keras
Data Science FAQ Search Engine
A search engine to help budding data scientists find resources
similarity-search semantic-search streamlit demo
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