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A Comprehensive Survey of Neural Architecture Search
An overview of the characteristics of the earliest NAS algorithms, summarizing the problems in these early NAS algorithms, and then giving solutions.
neural-architecture-search optimization survey research
The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: A Survey
Dive deeper into the lottery ticket hypothesis and review the literature after the original ICLR best paper award by Frankle & Carbin (2019).
lottery-ticket-hypothesis survey deep-learning article
6 GAN Architectures You Really Should Know
Some of the most popular GAN architectures, particularly 6 architectures that you should know to have a diverse coverage on GANs.
generative-adversarial-networks survey tutorial article
Image synthesis at CVPR 2020
An overview of the different approaches to image synthesis at CVPR 2020.
image-generation image-synthesis cvpr-2020 survey
What I Learned From Looking at 200 Machine Learning Tools
To better understand the landscape of available tools for machine learning production, I decided to look up every AI/ML tool I could find.
production machine-learning mlops survey
A Survey of Methods for Model Compression in NLP
A look at model compression techniques applied on base model pre-training to reduce the computational cost of prediction.
model-compression pruning knowledge-distillation precision-reduction
Evaluation of Text Generation: A Survey
Evaluation methods of natural language generation (NLG) and language modeling.
text-generation language-modeling natural-language-generation survey
Compression of Deep Learning Models for Text: A Survey
In this survey, we discuss six different types of methods for compression of such models to enable their deployment in real industry NLP projects.
pruning quantization knowledge-distillation parameter-sharing
A 2019 guide to Human Pose Estimation with Deep Learning
The basics of Human Pose Estimation (2D) and review the literature on this topic.
pose-estimation survey computer-vision tutorial
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