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A Visual Guide to Recurrent Layers in Keras
Understand how to use Recurrent Layers like RNN, GRU and LSTM in Keras with diagrams.
recurrent-neural-networks lstm keras tensorflow
Hands On Machine Learning
A series of Jupyter notebooks that walk you through the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Python using Scikit-Learn, Keras and ...
scikit-learn tensorflow keras tutorial
A Tensorflow-based framework to ease the training of generative models
computer-vision generative-adversarial-networks tensorflow deep-learning
Tensorflow Fourier Feature Mapping Networks
Tensorflow 2.0 implementation of fourier feature mapping networks.
fourier-transformations tensorflow code paper
Universal Sentence Encoder Visually Explained
A deep-dive into how Universal Sentence Encoder learns to generate fixed-length sentence embeddings
sentence-embeddings tensorflow natural-language-processing embeddings
Equip PyTorch's Dataset with map, cache etc. (like
pytorch tensorflow dataset cache
Keras Debugging Tips
Four simple tips to help you debug your Keras code.
debugging tensorflow keras tutorial
Customizing What Happens in Fit()
How to leverage the convenient features of fit() with a custom training loop.
tensorflow keras training tutorial
Supervised Contrastive Learning
Implements the ideas presented in Supervised Contrastive Learning ( by Khosla et al.
deep-learning representation-learning contrastive-learning supervised-contrastive-learning
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