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Digit Classification of MNIST Dataset using Tensorflow Lite
Created an Android App which classifies and reconizes digit of MNIST dataset using Tensorflow-Lite and Keras.Trained the model on Laptop and deployed it on ...
tensorflow tensorflow-lite mnist classification
Transfer Learning with EfficientNet family of models
Learn to use the EfficientNet family of models for transfer learning in TensorFlow using TFHub.
transfer-learning efficientnet article code
Facial Points Detection in Javascript
Implementation of Facial Points detection in Javascript using OpenCVJs and TensorflowJs
tensorflow-js javascript convolutional-neural-networks facial-points-detection
EvoNorm layers in TensorFlow 2
Presents implementations of EvoNormB0 and EvoNormS0 layers as proposed in Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers by Liu et al.
normalization batch-normalization automl batch-norm-relu
Distributed Training With TensorFlow
Tf.distribute.Strategy can be used with a high-level API like Keras, and can also be used to distribute custom training loops.
distributed-training tensorflow article keras
Anomaly detection with Keras, TensorFlow, and Deep Learning
Perform anomaly detection in your own image datasets using deep learning.
anomaly-detection tensorflow keras deep-learning
Anomaly Detection with Autoencoder in TensorFlow 2.0
How to implement a Deep Neural Network Model for Anomaly Detection in TensorFlow 2.0.
anomaly-detection autoencoders fraud-detection finance
Driver and Car Monitoring.
Understand driver's behavior and car control inside a vehicle. This will help us to know how good does it drive, are the roads faulty, accident prone ...
deep-learning tensorflow-lite gis tensorflow
Deep Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow2
Deep-rl-tf2 is a repository that implements a variety of polular Deep-RL algorithms using TF2. The key to this repo is an easy to understand code.
tensorflow reinforcement-learning tutorial code
Dupre provides an easy-to-use UI that simplifies the task of finding exact and near- duplicates in an image.
deep-learning convolutional-neural-networks tensorflow duplicate-detection
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