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Equip PyTorch's Dataset with map, cache etc. (like
pytorch tensorflow dataset cache
Silero Models: pre-trained enterprise-grade STT models
Silero Speech-To-Text models provide enterprise grade STT in a compact form-factor for several commonly spoken languages.
speech-recognition pytorch tensorflow onnx
Image Dehazing using GMAN net
Single image dehazing using the GMAN network and its implementation in Tensorflow(version 2+).
deep-learning tensorflow dehazing code
Superconductor Analysis and Prediction
TensorFlow is used to predict the critical temperature of superconductors. This model gets an r-squared score of 96.11% with the predicted and actual ...
materials tensorflow python streamlit
LSTM Forecast Model for Stock Price Prediction using Keras
Easy to understand LSTM forecast model for Stock Price Prediction. The dataset contains daywise details of the GOOGL stock from May,2019-May 2018.
lstm time-series-prediction keras tensorflow
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