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A JavaScript library for identifying indecent content in JavaScript on the client.
tensorflow tensorflow-js javascript machine-learning
Tic Tac Toe - Trainable AI
Teach a website TicTacToe by playing games and asking the neural network to learn from previous games. You can watch it learn.
tensorflow-js tensorflow machine-learning javascript
Fawkes vs Nic or Not
Testing facial recognition against facial cloaking with Fawkes
tensorflow-js facial-recognition article
Image Classifier: In the Browser
Using Tensorflow.js to make the prediction directly in the browser.
tensorflow-js image-classification computer-vision article
Multithreaded Machine Learning Training & Inference in Browser
How to train and test a deep neural network model in browser by complying to browser standards
machine-learning tensorflow-js article code
Hands-On Python Deep Learning for the Web
Use the power of deep learning with Python to build and deploy intelligent web applications.
deep-learning web-development tensorflow keras
The Puppyteer Crawler
Crawls a website for pictures of dogs! It uses a crawler that uses Puppeteer then for every image encountered, it uses Tensorflowjs' coco-ssd for ...
machine-learning tensorflow-js node-js puppeteer
No Trump Social Chrome Plugin
An AI-driven Browser Extension to Replace Trump Pics with Puppies!
trump chrome-extension computer-vision tensorflow-js
TensorFlow.js Crash Course — Machine Learning For The Web
Welcome to the first episode of the TensorFlow.js Crash Course for absolute beginners.
tensorflow-js video article code
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