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Selfie2Anime with TFLite
An end-to-end tutorial with TensorFlow Lite for Selfie2Anime (U-GAT-IT).
computer-vision generative-adversarial-networks deep-learning tensorflow
YOLOv4 With TensorFlow
YOLOv4, YOLOv4-tiny, YOLOv3, YOLOv3-tiny Implemented in Tensorflow 2.0, Android. Convert YOLO v4 .weights tensorflow, tensorrt and tflite.
object-detection yolo yolov4 yolov4-tiny
Awesome TFLite
An awesome list of TFLite models with sample apps, model zoo, helpful tools and learning resources from the community.
tensorflow-lite keras tensorflow computer-vision
Meme Classifier Using TFlite and flutter
Meme classifier using fine tuned mobilenet. This app showcases how you can perform low latency realtime classification apps using TFlite
convolutional-neural-networks transfer-learning tensorflow-lite demo
A tale of quantization in TF Lite
Model optimization strategies and quantization techniques to help deploy machine learning models in resource-constrained environments.
quantization tensorflow-lite wandb model-compression
Doing more with TensorFlow Lite
Learn about different usage scenarios of TensorFlow Lite along with some best practices.
tensorflow-lite on-device quantization model-compression
Optimize your ML models
Learn to use optimize your custom image classification models (built-in tf.keras) using TensorFlow Lite and gain 10x reduction in model's size.
tensorflow tensorflow-lite keras image-classification
Created an Android App which classifies and reconizes digit of MNIST dataset using Tensorflow-Lite and Keras.Trained the model on Laptop and deployed it on ...
tensorflow tensorflow-lite mnist classification
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