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Keeping Data Pipelines healthy w/ Great Expectations GH Actions
We show you how you can use GitHub Actions together with the open source project Great Expectations to automatically test, document, and profile data ...
testing unit-tests data-quality github-actions
How to Set Up a Python Project For Automation and Collaboration
How to set up a Python repo with unit tests, code coverage, lint checking, type checking, Makefile wrapper, and automated build with GitHub Actions.
python unit-tests git testing
Why Data Quality is Key to Successful ML Ops
A look at ML Ops and highlight how and why data quality is key to ML Ops workflows.
mlops testing unit-tests great-expectations
The pytest framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing
unit-tests e2e-tests testing library
How to Test Machine Learning Code and Systems
🚦 Minimal examples of testing machine learning for correct implementation, expected learned behaviour, and model performance.
testing unit-tests tutorial code
Effective testing for machine learning systems
Why testing machine learning systems can be different, and discuss some strategies for writing effective tests for machine learning systems.
unit-tests e2e-tests regression-tests testing
A flexible and expressive pandas data validation library.
pandas data-validation schema validation
How to Unit Test Machine Learning Code
Wouldn’t suck to have to throw away perfectly good ideas because our implementations were buggy?
unit-tests testing tutorial article
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