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How to Train Your Neural Net
Deep learning for various tasks in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting using PyTorch 1.0+.
pytorch python deep-learning computer-vision
Deep Tutorials for PyTorch
This is a series of in-depth tutorials I'm writing for implementing cool deep learning models on your own with the amazing PyTorch library.
image-captioning sequence-labeling object-detection text-classification
Transformers - Hugging Face
🤗 Transformers: State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing for TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch.
transformers huggingface attention bert
Transfer Learning with T5: the Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer
In the paper, we demonstrate how to achieve state-of-the-art results on multiple NLP tasks using a text-to-text transformer pre-trained on a large text ...
transformers t5 question-answering reading-comprehension
Building an Intelligent Twitter Bot
The volume of information going through Twitter per day makes it one of the best platforms to get information on any subject of interest.
natural-language-processing text-classification tutorial
Better NLP project
This is a wrapper program/library that encapsulates a couple of NLP libraries that are popular among the AI and ML communities.
natural-language-processing named-entity-recognition topic-modeling text-summarization
A Visual Guide to Using BERT for the First Time
Tutorial for how to use a variant of BERT to classify sentences.
bert attention transformers sentiment-analysis
Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks for NLP
More recently we’ve also started to apply CNNs to problems in Natural Language Processing and gotten some interesting results.
convolutional-neural-networks natural-language-processing text-classification tutorial
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