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Paraphrase Any Question with T5 (Text-To-Text Transformer)
Given a question, generate paraphrased versions of the question with T5 transformer. Pretrained model and training script provided.
t5 transformers huggingface pytorch
NeuralCook — Image2Ingredients and Cooking Recommendation
Deep learning application to identify ingredients from cooking dishes images and recommend dishes to cook, given a set of ingredients.
cooking text-generation recommendation-systems joint-embeddings
Hugging Captions
Generate realistic instagram worthy captions using transformers given a hasthtag and a small text snippet.
text-generation transformers huggingface instagram
Tweet Generation with Huggingface.
text-generation huggingface transformers wandb
NLP experiment in story-telling that creates illustrations (text to sketch) and content (text generation)
natural-language-processing text-generation gpt transformers
Evaluation of Text Generation: A Survey
Evaluation methods of natural language generation (NLG) and language modeling.
text-generation language-modeling natural-language-generation survey
Controlling Text Generation with Plug and Play Language Models
This article discusses an alternative approach to controlled text generation, titled the Plug and Play Language Model (PPLM).
language-modeling huggingface uber-ai text-generation
Generate True or False questions from any content
Automatically generate “True or False” questions like the ones you see in school textbooks using OpenAI GPT2, Sentence BERT, and Berkley parser
gpt2 bert constituency-parsing transformers
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