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Getting started with JAX (MLPs, CNNs & RNNs)
Learn the building blocks of JAX and use them to build some standard Deep Learning architectures (MLP, CNN, RNN, etc.).
jax xla autograd tpu
RoBERTa meets TPUs
Understanding and applying the RoBERTa model to the current challenge.
roberta transformers tpu huggingface
Continuous Integration on TPUs with PyTorch Lightning
In preparation for our upcoming V1, we have taken a major step in our support for training on TPUs.
pytorch-lightning ci-cd tpu article
Tpus, Systolic Arrays, and bfloat16: Accelerate Your DL
Systolic arrays and bfloat16 multipliers, two components of tensor processing units (TPUs) that are responsible for accelerating your deep learning ...
tpu bfloat16 training tutorial
Optimize your ML models
Learn to use optimize your custom image classification models (built-in tf.keras) using TensorFlow Lite and gain 10x reduction in model's size.
tensorflow tensorflow-lite keras image-classification
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