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The Future of (Transfer Learning in) Natural Language Processing
Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP): Open questions, current trends, limits, and future directions.
natural-language-processing transfer-learning tutorial
NLP Model Selection
NLP model selection guide to make it easier to select models. This is prescriptive in nature and has to be used with caution.
transfer-learning natural-language-processing tutorial
🦄 How to build a SOTA Conversational AI with Transfer Learning
Train a dialog agent leveraging transfer Learning from an OpenAI GPT and GPT-2 Transformer language model.
conversational-ai dialogue transfer-learning natural-language-processing
Learning to See before Learning to Act: Visual Pre-training
We find that pre-training on vision tasks significantly improves generalization and sample efficiency for learning to manipulate objects.
computer-vision transfer-learning robotics affordance
Transfer Learning - Machine Learning's Next Frontier
This post gives an overview of transfer learning, motivates why it warrants our application, and discusses practical applications and methods.
transfer-learning tutorial
The State of Transfer Learning in NLP
This post expands on the NAACL 2019 tutorial on Transfer Learning in NLP. It highlights key insights and takeaways and provides updates based on recent ...
transfer-learning natural-language-processing pretraining tutorial
Scene Classification using Pytorch and
The objective is to classify Multi-label images using deep learning. Here I have used library for implementing the model.
fastai pytorch deep-learning image-classification
Applying Transfer Learning using PyTorch C++ API (Dogs vs Cats)
Loading Custom Dataset in the PyTorch C++ API isn't straight forward. This blog helps you do that, and explains transfer learning implementation in C++.
transfer-learning deep-learning pytorch c++
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