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Visualizing Towed vehicles in Montreal
The data show vehicles towed by the City of Montreal since 2016. Towing is performed for example during snow removal, construction work or during special ...
streamlit visualization tutorial
Sum of 3 Palindromes using ML
Representing any number as the sum of three palindromes using ML.
puzzles palindromes machine-learning tutorial
Recurrent Independent Mechanisms
An implementation of Recurrent Independent Mechanisms (Goyal et al. 2019) in PyTorch.
recurrent-independent-mechanisms pytorch research tutorial
An Essentials Guide to PyTorch Dataset and DataLoader Usage
A brief guide for basic usage of PyTorch's Dataset and DataLoader classes.
pytorch dataset tutorial
Planar Data Classification
Planar Data Classification with one Hidden Layer , performed using traditional Mathematical approach.
classification planar-data tutorial
K Means using PyTorch
PyTorch implementation of kmeans for utilizing GPU
kmeans pytorch package toolkit
Introduction to Python
Quickstart your journey into Python.
python tutorial
AI for Web Accessibility
Applying AI technologies to make the web more accessible to people who are differently abled.
accessibility machine-learning tutorial
Fruit Detection using Convolution Neural Networks in TensorFlow
Trained a Convolutional Neural Network Model to predict fruits of over 100+ Classes (types) with a training accuracy of over 95%, and testing accuracy of ...
deep-learning tensorflow keras convolutional-neural-networks
Predicting mortgage approvals: EDA and Azure ML Studio
Introductory EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) on mortgage approvals. Our goal is to explore and analyze the data then we design a predictor on Azure ML ...
machine-learning azure classification visualization
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