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Mini-pokedex end to end tutorial - Gotta classify 'em all!
Build a Pokemon image classifier to classify the awesome starters Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.
pokemons image-classification fastai docker
GitHub Actions for Machine Learning
This presentation discusses the use of GitHub Actions to automate certain steps of a toy ML project.
github mlops scikit-learn wandb
Beginner’s Guide to Linear Regression with cuML
Break down of simple & multiple linear regression and how to easily implement both in Python with RAPIDS AI’s cuML
linear-regression data-science python rapids
Intro to Facebook Prophet
Everything you need to know when starting out with Facebook’s time series forecasting tool
prophet time-series-forecasting time-series python
Beginner’s Guide to BlazingSQL
Everything you need to know when starting out
blazingsql rapids gpu sql
Distributed SQL with Dask
Scale your Python data science across multiple GPUs with BlazingSQL (w/ code + data)
blazingsql dask gpu sql
How to do more with less data ?— Active learning
An Article and demonstration on how to use only a fraction of data to achieve the same accuracy as on the full data using an intuitive active learning ...
machine-learning active-learning annotation semi-supervised-learning
Extract Links from a Web Page using Python
In this article we will discuss how to extract links from a URL using Python.
python program-development web-services article
From Research to Production with Deep Semi-Supervised Learning
Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL) has blossomed in the deep learning research community — we share lessons learned over 15 months of taking SSL into ...
semi-supervised-learning deep-learning production machine-learning
The Maker Philosophy with ML APIs
Practising being a maker with Google Cloud Platform’s ML APIs.
apis gcp vision-api article
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