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Next Word Prediction
Using transformers to predict next word and predict <mask> word.
transformers language-modeling natural-language-processing tutorial
Deep Learning with Data Science Understanding using PyTorch
Learn the deep learning application applied to the data science workflow by developing neural-network in PyTorch.
linear-regression deep-learning neural-networks data-science
Self Supervised Representation Learning in NLP
An overview of self-supervised pretext tasks in Natural Language Processing
self-supervised-learning natural-language-processing tutorial
Building an Intelligent Twitter Bot
The volume of information going through Twitter per day makes it one of the best platforms to get information on any subject of interest.
natural-language-processing text-classification tutorial
GANs in Computer Vision : An article review series
An article series where we review the most important research papers on GANs from 2015 to today. 6 articles, 20 papers, 20000 words
generative-adversarial-networks computer-vision generation unsupervised-learning
Build your first data warehouse with Airflow on GCP
What are the steps in building a data warehouse? What cloud technology should you use? How to use Airflow to orchestrate your pipeline?
airflow google-cloud-platforms data-warehouse production
Neural ODE Explained
Explains "Neural Ordinary Differential Equations", a very interesting idea came out in NIPS 2018.
recurrent-neural-networks differential-equation neural-ode ordinary-differential-equations
An Introduction to Bayes' Theorem
This blog post introduces the reader to one of the most important concept in probability theory - Bayes' Theorem
probabaility-and-statistics bayesian-deep-learning tutorial
FIFA-19 analysis and prediction
Data visualisation and prediction of the overall score of a player using various linear regression algorithms, ensembling algorithms, and a neural network.
regression feed-forward-neural-networks feature-selection tutorial
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