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Introduction to Probabilistic Programming
A brief intoduction to Probabilistic Programming, a tool for modelling tasks with uncertainty.
deep-learning machine-learning probability uncertainty
How to Know When Machine Learning Does Not Now
It is becoming increasingly important to understand how a prediction made by a Machine Learning model is informed by its training data.
adversarial-learning interpretability uncertainty adversarial-examples
An extension of CatBoost to probabilistic forecasting.
forecasting catboostlss probabilistic-forecasts catboost
Deterministic Uncertainty Quantification
Method for training a deterministic deep model that can find and reject out of distribution data points at test time with a single forward pass.
deep-q-networks uncertainty deterministic-uncertainty-quantification research
Deep Learning Is Not Good Enough, We Need Bayesian Deep Learning
In this post I’m going to introduce Bayesian deep learning (BDL), which provides a deep learning framework which can also model uncertainty.
bayesian-deep-learning uncertainty deep-learning tutorial
Guided Uncertainty-Aware Policy Optimization
Combining learning and model-based strategies for sample-efficient policy learning.
reinforcement-learning policy-optimization uncertainty robotics
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