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Image GPT: Generative Pretraining from Pixels
Transformers trained on pixel sequences can generate coherent image completions and samples.
transformers openai computer-vision image-completion
Understanding & Implementing SimCLR - an ELI5 guide
I explain the SimCLR and its contrastive loss function step by step, build image embeddings and then show how to use them to train image classifier on top.
deep-learning computer-vision pytorch self-supervised-learning
GANs in Computer Vision : An article review series
An article series where we review the most important research papers on GANs from 2015 to today. 6 articles, 20 papers, 20000 words
generative-adversarial-networks computer-vision generation unsupervised-learning
Prototypical Contrastive Learning (PCL) for Unsupervised Learning
Prototypical Contrastive Learning (PCL), an unsupervised representation learning method that addresses the fundamental limitations of the popular ...
contrastive-learning unsupervised-learning self-supervised-learning semi-supervised-learning
Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Question Answering
Decompose hard (multi-hop) questions into several, easier (single-hop) questions using unsupervised learning, and get better accuracy on multi-hop QA.
question-answering natural-language-processing unsupervised-learning deep-learning
Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning with SwAV
In this report, we explore the SwAV framework, as presented in "Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features by Contrasting Cluster Assignments" by Caron et ...
self-supervised-learning unsupervised-learning contrastive-loss visual-representation-learning
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